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Looking to create or edit a page on the wiki for yourself? Go to 'Actions' in the tool bar above and select 'Edit', you'll then be able to see all the commands which we've used to make this page work.

Link your post into relevant categories:

Using bold text: This makes it bold

Making something into a header:

This makes it a header

This makes a bigger header

This makes an even bigger header

Linking in another page: Put the name of the page inside these brackets. Note that capitals are very important

You want to link a page, without using the full title: word

You want to use an indentation on the next line of text:

use a semi colon before the text.

You want to link a category to a word or phrase: Your word here

You want to use a bullet-point list:

  • Use this

You want to upload a picture: First go to 'Tools' in the upper toolbar and select 'Upload File'. Then 'Browse' for the file. Then go back to your page and use the following to insert the picture.

alt text

to use a 200 pixel wide rendition in a box in the left margin with "alt text" as description.

File:File.jpg to use the full version of the file

You want to add a table:
Table Title Goes Here
Column Headers Go Here Column Headers Go Here
Row Headers Go Here Content Goes Here