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Into the Wilds

  • Name: Damac
  • Race: Dark Elf
  • Homeland: Dalcimeer - Best guess based on race
  • Employment: Mercenary trader
  • Noteable markings: Dark lines from both eyes
-Tattoo on both sides of his neck
  • Known Crimes:
- Holding a blade to a Legate neck in a Fort near the Wildlands border
  • Current whereabouts: Helvettia
  • Known associates:
  • Notes:
Currently travelling with The Harbinger of Fate and a band of others, near the borders of the Wildlands to recover some goods for Lord Sorus (?). He is in possession of a box and a sword, and is armed with a dagger. He has shown some skill in negotiation, but is stubborn and foolhardy in his beliefs.