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This wiki was designed to expand the knowledge shared about the world of Tempress.
For those of you who don't know, the world for Tempress was first conceived in 2002. A group of players came to a LARP event, each as rulers of different countries, meeting for the first time after a period of isolation due to war.
Twenty (real-life) years later and the world Tempress has received significantly more development, stories and ideas all created by players with their individual passions.

The World of Tempress

The information on this wiki comes from two sources - our long-standing Twilight Realms LARP adventurers and our Into the Wilds Dungeons & Dragons games. Both games are set in the same world and contribute to the ever expanding history of Tempress. Though the rules for each game are different to facilitate for the different requirements of play, we encourage players from both games to expand the archive of events, places, stories and characters kept within our wiki.
Explore and contribute to our world here.

Twilight Realms - LARP

If you are looking for background or rules specific to Twilight Realms LARP, you can find it here.

Into the Wilds - Dungeons & Dragons

If you are looking for background or rules specific to Into the Wilds D&D, you can find it here.

Contributing to the Wiki

Check out this page for examples of how to format and contribute to the wiki.