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Into the Wilds - Dungeons & Dragons

Core Mission

‘Into the Wilds’ is a flexible Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game hosted by Larp Inn. The campaign is designed so that different groups and combinations of players can attend each session. This format ensures that the game can run regularly and players can attend based around their real-world commitments and their in-game interests.

The World

You don’t need to know anything to get involved, but we do encourage you to read a little about the game. It’s a more engaging experience if the character you create is consistent with the existing world.
All of the players are adventurers who traveled from the mainland to a fortified port settlement on the southern coast of an unexplored wilderness. This settlement, Myste-Hass, is an isolated colony on a newly discovered continent to the west of the civilised mainlands.
Myste-Hass is divided into two parts. The Eastern Quarter, or Elven Quarter, is heavily guarded and occupied exclusively by pure-blood elves. The king of the elvish island Nadarr, King Myloch, was the first ruler to send settlers and establish Myste-Hass. When humans from the lands of Chevel, Kahzara, Equil and Brindle arrived, the elves reluctantly allowed them to settle, creating an inter-city divide to prevent any unwanted fraternisation between the races. The rest of Myste-Hass is ruled by the elected positions of Hall Master and Law Master who take charge of the town’s militia and soldiers from the lands of Helvettia who protect the towns borders.
Myste-Hass has an Adventurer’s Guild which provides free room and board for those who provide services to the city. Here all kinds of jobs are advertised by the council, guilds, individuals and the churches.
Further information can be found about the events and people in Myste-Hass throughout this wiki. This resource is made up from information contributed by players, so they may be interpretations or incorrect threads of information. However, we encourage everyone to use and contribute to this means of sharing knowledge.

Building a D&D Character

We have certain requirements over source books, races, classes and character-sheet setup. Follow our guide to set up your DnD Beyond character sheet correctly.

Quick Ways to Explore the World

Getting into the Game

‘Into the Wilds’ runs from 6.30-10.30pm, although games often push on to 11pm. Generally, sessions are hosted on Tuesday and Thursday of each week. Events are posted on our Facebook page in two ways:
  • 1. Anyone can publish a post advertising a quest their character is interested in exploring. When they do so, they may ask for individuals with certain skills or even specific characters to join them. See an example here.
  • 2. The organisers will post an event up and state how many spaces are open. These events are generally posted up on Sundays between 5-7pm; however, this is not exclusively the case.
To reserve a space, you must comment on the post stating you would like to attend or select ‘going’ on an event. ‘Interested’ places are not guaranteed. We will assign the seats in order of those who responded first.
Facebook Group Link:

Things You Will Need


We are looking for gamers who want to have fun and are happy to help others have fun too. Being interested in the game and having a friendly manner is more important than the rules or any knowledge of the game.

£7.50 CASH.

Your first session at Larp Inn is free but subsequent sessions cost £7.50 per player for the use of the building and facilities.


We use DnD Beyond to generate characters to ensure we don’t have any cheating. There are more details on character building on Page 6. We encourage everyone to print and bring a paper copy of their character sheet but you are welcome to also use the digital character sheets on your phone, laptop or pc.


We encourage everyone to bring their own dice. You’ll need a standard set of 7 polyhedral gaming dice. We sell these in store if you need to pick some up.


We like to assign every character a miniature. If miniature painting isn’t your thing let us know what your character is with plenty of notice and we’ll find or paint up a suitable miniature for you.

House Rules

  • The DM's decision is final on any matter to do with the game.
  • The DM is not allowed to fudge any dice rolls.
  • Players will die in this game.
  • The DM is not allowed to correct any players on their reports of what happened on a game.
  • Misinformation is perfectly allowed.
  • The DM is allowed to use any material he likes from any source book and modify the monster stats - so it's no good memorising the monster manual.
  • Sometimes a situation is too tough for the players and they need to learn when to fight and when to flee.
  • If there is a complicated rule dispute, the DM will make a ruling on what happens for the session to move the game along. Queries and clarifications will then be made clear for future games.
  • If there is something you need to do in town, you can request a slot to visit in the week for about 30 minutes to sort any in town needs.

Gaming Etiquette

  • Larp Inn sells a selection of drinks and snacks which we encourage you to purchase! There is an honesty tin left on the shop counter for money and the price list is below the snacks. We do have security cameras so we’ll know if you screw around.
  • Don’t be a smelly gamer.
  • Please use the bins and tidy up after yourself at the end of the night.
  • EVERYONE is at the game to have a good time, including the DMs. If we feel you are being a selfish gamer, you’ll be called up on it or asked to leave.
  • We are looking for gamers who can separate between real life events and conflict within the story. Don’t be the person who forgets it’s a game people play for fun.

Dungeon Masters

Please be aware that your Dungeon Masters are running these games for fun and put a lot of work in to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone at the table. Though there is a £7.50 charge per seat for these events, costs cover building and facility costs and ‘Into the Wilds’ is a non-profit game.
It’s also worth noting that many of the Dungeon Masters have characters within the game; as such, not every DM has the complete information on events, items and places within Myste-Hass. We facilitate for this by operating in different areas of the Myste-Hass map or different planes. We work hard to ensure this barely impacts the fluidity of the game but we ask for your patience on the occasions when a DM can’t answer a question that falls into another DMs area of knowledge.

Current DMs

  • Jamie Blakeman (Head of Story)
  • Harriett Blakeman (Admin Contact)
  • Arthur Homer
  • Ross Watts
  • Dan Gray
  • Joel Priddey


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