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The port town of Myste-Hass was built on the ancient ruins of Gilcas. It is a strong hold on the new continent and a hot spot for travelers escaping the wars and strife on the mainland.
The king of Nadarr, King Myloch Finriss-Ethica Myste was the first to send settlers out to the new land, establishing a colony of elves and rebuilding part of the city now known as the Elven Quarter. Later, humans from the other lands arrived and buildings were repaired or quickly erected in the southern and western quarter of the city. King Myloch ordered a wall built between the two areas, separating the humans and elves.
Settled on the southern coast with easy access to the sea from both the Southern Docks and Western Docks, stone walls have been erected facing the north and east. A new area of the city has recently been erected, with stone walls and the Temple of the People raised on an outcropping above open ground filled with tents and new builds.
The outlying lands have been converted to farm lands.

Notable Myste-Hass Locations

Into the Wild Dungeons and Dragons

Myste-Hass is the location used for Larp Inn's Into the Wilds Campaign, a flexible D&D session that allows characters to drop in and out of adventuring sessions.

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