Fort on the Western Coast

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The ruined fort is nestled into the rock on the western coast, north of Myste-Hass, just south of the North Woods. To reach this fort you must pass through some rolling hills and move towards the ocean.
On the wishes of Var Kartark, Fletcher moved the Hall Master, Sten, to this fort in a box. Adventurers questions the man and revealed that Sten was being kept down stairs, through a grated door. Continue straight down into crypts below the building and around twenty-one guards will likely be down there. Fletcher explained that there were two levels - Sten would be on the first floor. The second level has an underground river that leads to a port.
On arriving at the fort, the adventurers noticed a ship moored about two-hundred meters from the shore. The ship, the Dragon Rider, appeared to be completely empty with everyone dead on deck. There was a row boat left at the bottom of the cliff.
Inside, the group encountered a hostile cleric wearing bluish robes. There were dangerous flesh golems and constructs who used the name Bin.
Deeper within the complex, there was a shrine to Bin "The Maker", who is one of The Twelve. The symbols and words indicating that the dedication was to Bin were worn and old.
There was a dead cultist of Fate found here. There is a good chance that the trial to release Bin may have already been completed, for there was no sign of the Avatars spirit.
There were two sarcophagi here.