Hall Master

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The Hall Master is a senior position within the leadership of Myste-Hass. Myste-Hass was once governed by the elected positions of Hall Master and Law Master.
The Hall Master manages the city logistics. The Law Master is in charge of judgement of crime, law and order within the city. However, the Council of Myste-Hass has taken on some of those responsibilities now.

Hall Master Duos Sten

Hallmaster Sten Colour.JPG
The current Hall Master is Duos Sten. Sten was competing against Var Kartark and, the previous Law Master, Lloric. However, Var Kartark has Sten captured and imprisoned, a doppelganger put in place to fill in for the absence. When the adventurers freed Sten from the Ruins on the Western Coast, Sten returned a changed man. He cancelled the elections and declared that any lawlessness would be punished:
Just before sundown a parade is organised just outside of the Halls. At least three quarters of the militia are present.
Sten comes out, accompanied by Andro and a grey robed figure. They move along the line of militia, speaking to each one by one. While the crowd can't hear exactly what is said, they are clearly split into two groups.
Sten moves up to a raised platform, "Draw Arms!" His voice firm and louder in front of the crowd than any would have heard him speak. The left hand group draw their swords, wary looks upon their faces.
Sten speaks again, "RELEASE!"
A flurry of arrows fly into the militia group, some men stand, but not through the second, then third volley.
When none, move the remaining militia move up to flank Sten. Bows, pointing at the crowd.
"This has gone on for far too long. I am the leader of this town. A town surrounded by enemies and monsters on every side. Yet we constantly fight among ourselves. Demons, figurative and literal. It ends now."
Smoke rises from several locations to the south end of town.
"Var Kurtark is done here. His businesses now burn. If you have loyalty to Kutark, you have until nightfall to leave town, If you remain, you will die. "
"I will protect the people of Myste-Hass against any enemy, there are individuals here who have proved themselves over and over as loyal and faithful people, regardless of their homeland, regardless of their race. I will back these people. I am your Hallmaster. I am your leader. I will protect you."
"Var Kurark, you are done."
The sun moves towards the horizon as smoke rises from the town. Towards sunset a crowd of at least one hundred leaves via the north gate.