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The Harbinger of the People (Formally The Harbinger of Fate)

  • Name: Harbinger of the People
  • Race: Human
  • Homeland: Kahzara
Harbinger, formally The Harbinger of Fate, travelled to the continent of Myste-Hass to bring the faith of Fate to the people.
Little is known about the Harbinger's past but she travelled to the new land of Myste-Hass two years ago, alongside a few other young priests from her temple. For a while this small group offered their clerical services, traveling house to house, aiding those in need of healing and guidance. Eventually, the group gained enough finances to purchase a small warehouse in the South Docks.
With this modest building established as their residence and point of operation the priests began traveling into the city in order to spread the word of Fate. With temples established to the six other Gods, the group decided that Myste-Hass was in dire need of a proper house of worship for their prime God Fate. Harbinger began exploring the wilderness and taking on holy tasks for the town in order to raise funds to build a temple to Fate.
After several months in Myste-Hass, another Harbinger of Fate arrived. He had been sent by The Bishop of Fate to act as the Harbinger for the new land of Myste-Hass. A grand temple was being build outside the walls of the original town. This caused immediate conflict with the original Harbinger, who believed she was the true Harbinger of Fate. However, the newcomer was adamant that the position could only be granted by performing the necessary rites and rising through the hierarchy via excellent performance.
During this period, Harbinger is facing continued encounters with The Cult of Prophecy and Fate worshippers performing questionable acts and sacrifices in the name of the god of destiny. Harbinger ruthlessly routes out these evil individuals wherever they are found. She believes them to be bring ill on the name of her god.
A trip to Anglan links the new Harbinger of Fate with the plan of a demon, Skaeon. Skaeon is looking for a vessel to inhabit and begin his ascension in to an Avatar of Fate. The Harbinger is conversing with two fiends, a bone devil and another demon. Seperated and injured, the group partially retreats. However, with a haste spell from Rasvyn and healing from Corym, the original Harbinger runs in and brings the other Harbinger to his knees, then decapitates him (with a double natural 20).
At this point, Harbinger begins to have serious doubts about the motives of her deity. Due to misfortune with a Genai Stone, a portal was being opened in The North Woods, at the ruined site of the Tower of Silma. Here the Bishop of Fate was draining the Genai Stone in order to open a portal that would bring an aspect of Anglan through to Tempress.
A great battle ensues against the bishop, his minions and his Undead Black Dragon. Harbinger takes her own life, using her blood to heal the Genai Stone. The portal is closed, but Harbinger dies as her fellow adventurers dispose of the threat. Corym revives her with a diamond and the power of Dariss.
After a brief period of indecision, Harbinger devotes herself to her saviour, Dariss. She repurposes the Temple of the People to the worship of all prime deities and aid of the destitute within the city, naming herself "The Harbinger of the People".
Harbinger now throws herself into adventuring with fervour and a new hatred towards Fate and his worshippers, stamping them out and uprooting cultists wherever she can. But, Fate continues to raise problems for his former Harbinger and her fellow adventurers.
One day, during investigation in town, the adventurers learn that a man without a memorable face has been messing around at the Temple of the People. Harbinger quickly realises that this man is Tristan and the group race to the temple, heading for The Mirror. Tristan enters the mirror and the others follow. Harbinger is injured, and, without a cleric, Harbinger dies. Gartok carries Harbinger through the streets, screaming for aid, running to the Temple of Dariss. Here Draekenthul performs a resurrection with the aid of Reinhold, Gartok, Dramos and Til. But, Fate intervenes, animating the statues and killing Draekenthul claiming "I decide who lives and dies."