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Twilight Realms LARP

Twilight Realms LARP is a small game built by and for friends. Our games normally consist of around 25-50 people and have been running since 2002. With such a history of events, the world is rich with stories created by players.

Core Mission

By no stretch of the imagination do we claim that Twilight Realms is the best LARP system ever. We offer a specific experience which works for some and not for others. Twilight Realms is about presenting a weekend game on a tight budget to keep it as affordable as possible. We aim to run and plan events around concepts we believe offer interesting role-playing opportunities and, simply, ‘cool ideas’.
We have a core of friendly players and we only encourage new players who enhance everyone's game. We will write plot specifically for your character, we will get you involved and we work hard to have an open, non-cliquey social dynamic.
In short, we want to have fun running games and we want you to enjoy playing them.


You can find nearly all the rules and world information by browsing through our Wiki. We're constantly updating this information and welcome additions to our World of Tempress archive.
We also run regular role-playing games set in the world of Tempress, far to the west on the continent of Myste-Hass. We call these Dungeons & Dragons games Into the Wilds and additional lore pertaining to the adventures of these table-top characters can be found in that section of the wiki. Everything characters do in the LARP and in the Dungeons & Dragons game have a huge impact on our world. However, the rules obviously remain separate to facilitate for the different forms of game play.


You can find an index of the LARP rules here.
If you would prefer to print a version of the rulebook you can follow the links below:
PDF Rulebook - download
PDF Rulebook (Booklet Format) - download

Monster Guide

Contact Us

Elizabeth Blakeman: handles LARP admin, characters and plot.

Jamie Blakeman: admin and 'Into the Wilds' games.

Harriett Blakeman: admin, payment and rules.

World of Tempress

Looking for lore? Check out the World of Tempress information here.


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